So I just recently went through some pictures from my trip to Marrakech this winter, be sure to check out the album. Here is a little preview…

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Was in Sälen a few weeks back and this is what I look like in the slope…

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jQuery 1.5.1 and jQuery UI 1.8.10

jQuery 1.5.1 was released a few days ago, fixes a bug in IE9 amongst other minor fixes.
See the blog post @

On top of that, another maintenance release of jQuery UI (1.8.10)
See the blog post @

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Welcome to the new! A new installation and a new theme has been upon us for quite some time now and it is finally in the works. Instead of making the new site behind the curtains we decided to make it public so that you will be able to see the progress and changes being made. So stay tuned!

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